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"Formed in 2016, their music is an intriguing mix of musical styles and textures that encompass elements of prog, metal,rock and alternative. You can hear influences by the likes of Queensryche and Pink Floyd but with a gothic, grunge vocal style.

The album itself makes for fascinating listening. We give it an 8/10 here at ROX with some great songs to be heard including the title track “Echoes From Nowhere”, “Lanterns For The Dead” and “Afflicted”. It’s an album you need to listen to several times to grasp the style and meanings of the songs which is a sign of good, clever songwriting"


"Flicking through the first issue of the new Asylum magazine I came across a full-page ad that announced a local band, Elysium Sky, had released a new album entitled Echoes from Nowhere. I recognised the band's name and the album's title was very catchy and I knew right then that I had to listen to it ASAP. And oh how glad I am that I did"


"Elysium Sky - Echoes From Nowhere
Atmospheric Rock is a branch of Rock that takes several steps further in adding textures and layers to the composition and melodies, giving it a very distinct flavor and feel and shining through more diverse elements than the classical, and in this, Elysium Sky really shows off in ways that you can't forget. Their songs are so catchy, so masterfully done, So melodic... the details added to every composition glimmer against the gritty hard rock base like diamonds, and for an emerging band the level of complexity and skill from their songs is astounding"



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