Matt Cottrell
From the mean streets of Benfleet, Matt Cottrell began singing at the age of fourteen.
Vocalist, actor and writer, Matt has been performing in varied capacities since the late nineties both as a professional and semi-professional. With a dynamic range, Cottrell draws inspiration from the likes of Dio, Plant and Dickinson in addition to the 'grungy' grit of Staley. As the latest member of Elysium Sky, he is loving gigging live with the band and seeing where the the skies of Elysium may take them.
Metallica - Led Zeppelin - Iron Maiden - Alice In Chains  -Aerosmith
Matt Cottrell
Jean-Paul Dehavilland

From Colchester, Jean-Paul taught himself how to play from the age of 15.

Jean-Paul has been writing music since the early 90's in rock bands such as the then successful 'JacksFamily' with their albums Poetry Of Souls, Man In The White Coat and One Big Disguise,

and more recently with his solo project Dreamer.

Jean-Paul is also the co-writer and co-producer for rock band collaboration 'Juliette Strange' with their release of the album Romeo KIlls Romeo in 2015.


Queensryche - PinkFloyd - Katatonia - Tool

Paul Hinton

Born in Ipswich Paul began playing guitar at the tender age of 15. Since then Paul has played in a number of bands 'Honey Trunk', 'X Teletext', 'Kar' and 'Pro-Zak'. Paul switched his affection to Bass after his first exposure to the mighty 'Korn' live. Paul joined Elysium sky in 2016. He plays Chapman, Fender and Ibanez basses running through Ashdown amps.

His bass heroes are Fieldy, Cass, Rob Trujillo and Joe Mcpherson.


Queen - PinkFloyd - Nirvana - Smashing Pumpkins - Slipknot

Paul Hinton
Alex Sandor Kis

From Hungary, Alex started playing the drums relatively late on in his 20's. Quickly progressing from playing in punk bands and whatever was available in his hometown, he soon found himself in metal progressive bands. His influences are diverse but mainly prog sticksmen such as Mike Portnoy, Mark Zonder and Gavin Harrison. When asked about his influence in the band he stated: “I bring the prog elements to the band’s sound”.


Dream Theater - Queensryche - Fates Warning - Psychotic Waltz - Neal Morse/Transatlantic

Graham Lemon

Sadly, Graham passed away this year due to cancer, we are leaving his bio up as a dedication, RIP buddy.


Since first picking up a guitar at the of age 10, Graham has played guitar and bass in many

bands over the south of England, including 'Fragment 37', 'Treatment', 'Boozy Blues', 'Go For

the Bone', 'Xcess' and 'Maid in England'. Graham also writes and records his own material, and

will be publishing much of this to Youtube in the near future.

1987 Graham took an opportunity to turn professional, with two years playing bass full-time in a biker's blues/comedy outfit called 'Dumpy's Rusty Nuts', that included support shows with 'Hawkwind', 'Motorhead' and 'Dr Feelgood', this then led to a support tour with Japanese HR band 'Vow Wow'.

Following this Graham spent some time building a PA and lighting hire company that took his

focus away from playing for a short time, however he remained involved with the music business by providing technical installations and mixing for named artists such as Geno Washington, Dave Edmonds Band and Mark Knopfler.

Graham joined a number of projects including a Felixstowe-based band called 'Allied Force', where he took on lead guitar and lead vocal duties resulting in the release two CD singles and a short stint with a rock/electronica project called 'Protege Reign'.

It is now 2016, and Elysium Sky is the future......


The Scorpions - Marillion - Within Temptation - Iron Maiden - Rammstein